Projects abroad

Concept of cooperation with partners in the south

We do not wish to be seen primarily as financial sponsors in cooperation abroad, but as a trusted partner supporting the work and giving consultation and also learning.

In cooperation with El Salvador, Nicaragua and Cuba, direct exchange and dialogue with the partners in the south and the ongoing cooperation with individual partners in the form of concrete projects has been valued highly for many years.

As a small NGO in the north, we attempt to critically confront conventional development strategies and point for point assimilate new approaches to development cooperation.

Models for our work

•    Strengthening civil society
•    Promotion of participative projects in the environmental sphere

Partners in the south

We have worked closely with partner organisations from the beginning. The projects arise in direct communication with the partners.

Work focuses

•    Promotion of renewable energies
•    Environmental- and resources protection
•    Environmental education
•    Environmental management
•    Exchange programmes
•    Consultation services in development-policy cooperation
•    Contact office for protagonists engaged in Cuba
•    Public relations in Cuba

The experience and knowledge gained in the work abroad is put into development-policy education and public relations at home.

You will find more exact project descriptions below!

•    Learning Democracy in El Salvador
•    Capacity Building for Communal development in Central America
•    Awareness for Fairness (EU project)
•    Previous Projects Abroad



The projects undertaken by KATE are mostly financed by public and private means, which we apply for from various donors. For every project, however, we must make our own contribution that we can only acquire through donations.