About us

The Center for Ecology and Development (KATE) is an organisation working in the field of development co-operation and ecological sustainability founded in 1988. Our vision of sustainable development is an all-embracing concept that unites ecology, justice, economic development and democracy, leading to a social and just society in the north and south. We see developmental- and eco-political education as the basis of this vision to be realized.

We are an interdisciplinary working team with experience in development cooperation, environmental protection and corresponding education. We critically confront conventional development strategies and link environmental- and developmental themes.

We develop concepts for sustainable living- and working forms, for innovative approaches in development policies for a north-south dialogue and for promoting ecology in the world of employment. Our development concept is essentially marked by the exchange and dialogue on an equal footing with our partners in the south.

KATE is independent of both state and party politics and is recognised as a non-profit organisation.