How are development-policy projects financed?

The contact point for environment and development registered association (KATE) is a charitable organisation. The work of the association is mostly carried out by our 40 active members. Moreover, we receive voluntary support from those interested in KATE.

As a registered association, we are independent in the aims of our work on state development strategies. Until recently there have been no bilateral agreements between Cuba and the Federal Republic of Germany through which any development plans could have been financed. As a non-governmental organisation, in the meantime KATE was able to fill this gap and work successfully since 1993 with Cuban partner organisations of many years standing.

The association is not promoted institutionally so that we are dependent on the financing of projects through such appropriate institutions as foundations, ministries or the European Union. This support does not comprise 100% sponsorship, which means that in every project KATE must provide its own share. This lies between 10% and 25% and must be borne by membership contributions and donations. If the internal share is not available the project planned cannot be carried out.

Moreover, for purely “southern projects”, which means projects that are not carried out in Germany but exclusively in the partner countries, no costs for German personnel are assumed. But because an application cannot be made directly through partners in the south, KATE assumes a mediatory function and the association must make human resources available. These can be on a voluntary basis. The radius of a campaign in such a case, however, is very limited, and a guarantee of quality cannot be assured. Through the support of help through donations, however, we are also in the position to carry out projects even more professionally and efficiently.

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