The campaign manual CD for sustainable consumption and development


The aim of the project is to bring about public awareness, especially youths, of the ecological, social and economic problems that our consumption can cause in the countries of the south.


The idea

Our consumer habits inhibit the conditions of life in other parts of the world. In the battle for markets, above all the countries of the south undercut production costs and relinquish social- and environmental standards. Consumers, among others in Germany, orientate overwhelmingly on prices of goods and services in consumption decisions and contribute substantially to the problem. Consumers are often not aware of, and only understand with difficulty, the economic, social and ecological results, especially when arising in distant countries. Youths above all are often placed under massive consumption pressure within their social environment.

The campaign CD offers disseminators information and methods for the mediation of the problem described. Recommendations for action and approaches to solutions are depicted in an impressive way to contribute to relationships of solidarity between the north and south. 


The methods

In a “media-flooded” and “stimulation inundated” world, campaign-related work becomes increasingly more important. The creative work linked to one’s own experiences and knowledge eases one’s own understanding and simultaneously creates the possibility of making other people aware of development-policy matters. Simple and creative methods in which the participants and those addressed actively take part in, gather sensory experiences and develop something themselves, place high demands on the pedagogues.