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1. Membership

Those supporting the work of KATE and wish to become engaged in the aims of KATE, can become a member. Membership is open to all those interested from all fields and walks of life.

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2. Donations

We rely on your donations to ensure that KATE can carry out its work because the financing of development projects requires an internal financial share.

Projects that KATE supports are local examples of a resource-sparing economic method. All projects, such as the projects for ecological farming in Cuba and Nicaragua, are mosaic stones for sustainable development at a globular level.



Account: 1115 319 200

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BLZ 43060997 (in Germany) 

Donations to KATE are tax deductible. Please notify us of your address if you donate so that we can send you a donation receipt.

3. Further information

Further information can be acquired from the KATE office in Berlin. But you can also contact us per telephone, e-mail or personally: the team introduces itself.