benbi (Berlin Development-policy Education Programme)

About 20 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) specialized in the field of development-policies, offering to the  pupils interactive workshops, a cinema forum, exhibitions, a discussion podium and a cultural programme in relation to the annual subject matter  of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
The contact partners are Kerstin Wippel and Christina Sauer

South-North school partnerships

KATE is a registered association initiated  and has been  accompanied since 2001 for  south-north school partnerships with the aim of explaining global correlations and to improve the social, ecological and economical situation in the partner countries.
The contact partners are Maria Rojas and Raphael Schapira.

Climate breakfast

With the “Climate breakfast – how food influences the climate” project, KATE shows children and youths with the example of an everyday breakfast why and how food is connected to the theme of “climate protection”.
The contact partners are Danica Clerc and Arun Hackenberger.

Campaign manual for sustainable consumption and development cooperation

The campaign manual for sustainable consumption and development cooperation is a working aid for the design of campaigns and units of interactive learning for development- and environmental-policy groups, organisations and schools.
Order (in German) 

Awareness for Fairness

The aim of this joint project of seven organisations is to raise awareness with policy-makers to implement development issues in curricula and to anchor the topic in local community policies. The main focus of the project is on topics like fair trade, precarious working conditions, human rights and the social consequenses of the globalisation. More information:

Previous projects at home

You will find information here about already completed projects at home.