Partner organisations in the south

in Nicaragua

  • ADM - Asociación para el Desarrollo Municipal is a partner in the projects "participa!eco" and "Deine Welt im Fokus - Tu mundo en el visor" with its headquarters in Managua and works in the spheres of sustainable development, ecological farming and citizens’ participation.
  • CEDRU - Centro de Desarrollo Rural is a partner in the project "Deine Welt im Fokus - Tu mundo en el visor". Having its headquarters in the rural district of San Rafael del Sur close to Managua, it works in the spheres of integrated poverty reduction, organic farming and education, among others.

in Guatemala

  • ACCSS - Asociación Coordinadora Comunitaria de Servicios para la Salud is a partner in the participa!eco project with its headquarters in Guatemala City and works in the spheres of health education, emergency- and disaster relief, psychosocial rehabilitation and communal development.

in El Salvador

in Cuba

  • Centro de Informacion y Estudio sobre las Relaciones Interamericanas, CIERI CIERI is an organisation in Havana, which in various regions of Cuba fosters socio-cultural projects and offers training in project management. CIERI participates in various mutual exchange projects and is a partner in the Prima climatic partnerships project.
  • Centro para el Desarrollo de la Producción Animal, CEDEPA is a centre at the University of Camaguey, which together with research and education in the agricultural sphere, carries out projects in the province for sustainable development. Mutual projects have been the promotion of an agricultural consultation office and the repair of biogas plants. Cooperation was recently undertaken in an organic-agriculture project. CEDEPA is a partner in the participa!eco programme.
  • Departamento de Coordinación y Asesoría de Proyectos, DECAP is the project department of the Cuban Council of Churches and focuses on the promotion of sustainable development in various regions of Cuba. DECAP is our project partner in a biogas project, which runs in three provinces and will be ended in 2002.
  • Fundación de La Naturaleza y el Hombre, FNH is a foundation that has been active in Cuba since 1994 in the sphere of environmental education and urban agriculture and organises environmental campaigns throughout the country. Mutual exchange projects have been carried out. Moreover, the environmental newspaper of the FNH, “Ecopolis”, is fostered.
  • Parque Metropolitano de la Habana, PMH is a part of the urban administration in Havana and works in an integral utilisation concept for the “green lung of the capital”. Mutual focuses are environmental management and participation in exchange projects.
  • Centro Cristiano de Servicio y Capacitación B.G. Lavastida, CCSCBGL is a Baptist education centre in Santiago de Cuba. The CCSCBGL realises projects in cooperation with local, regional and international institutes in the spheres of environmental education, rural development, urban agriculture and the provision of drinking water, among other things.

Partner organisations in Germany

  • We work with the Naunynritze, the child-, youth- and culture centre in Kreuzberg in various projects, including the development-policy education programme.
  • We cooperate with eidos consult in the execution of seminars in the spheres of environmental management, environmental planning, network formation and transfer competence in Central America and Germany, among others in the participia! participia! eco.

KATE is a member of the following networks

Small- and medium-size business data bases

KATE has created a data base for those potentially interested in activities and the provision of services in the spheres of development-cooperation projects (especially communal development cooperation). It is continuously up-dated and extended.