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Your World in Focus - Tu mundo en el visor 2.0


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The school partnership project "Your World in Focus - Tu mundo en el visor 2.0" connects young people from Nicaragua, El Salvador and Germany on the Internet.

They deal with aspects of their living environment and social and environmental problems in a journalistic way and engage in a global South-North dialogue on their self-written posts on the interactive online platform

To get to know global interrelationships and understand them, to develop and implement alternative strategies of acting - these are the objectives of the tri-national project "Your World in Focus - Tu mundo en el visor 2.0". This year the project is dedicated especially to ecological and social human rights.

Deine Welt im Fokus


Schulbegegnung 2009KATE has initiated and accompanied since 2001 south-north school partnerships with the aim of clarifying related global issues and to improve the social, ecological and economic situation in the partner countries. KATE wishes to establish south-north school partnerships as an instrument for global learning in Berlin. 

South-north school partnerships are an important educational instrument to enable sustainable development and for intercultural and global learning. The pupils and teachers in the north and south are given the opportunity to acquire important knowledge about the situation in life in the partner countries and thus develop a global perspective of thinking, judgement and action. The focus is on action-orientated learning that includes participation. The school partnerships can in this way effect responsible and respectful dealing with people from other cultures and give impulse to confrontation with their own behaviour and consumption patterns and the related consumption of resources.

What does KATE offer?

• Accompaniment, consultation and contact mediation with schools interested in school partnerships

• Content and organisational accompaniment of north-south school partnerships between schools in Berlin and Central America

• Support in the realisation and design of north-south school partnerships with appropriate education work at home

• Communication and continuous contact with partners in the south and north and networking the protagonists

• Coordination, organisation, preparation and revision of events within the framework of the school partnerships

• Coordination, preparation and revision, accompaniment and support in the organisation of the encounters between pupils and teachers

• Conceptualisation and realisation of education work in schools

• Public relations

Among other things, KATE carried out projects in the sphere of environmental training and intercultural learning within the framework of north-south school partnerships.

The “Bye Bye stereotypes! You live thus, and how do I live?” project was a creative school competition and carried out from 2007 - 2009. The project "Your world in focus" was realized between 2010 - 2011. Both were distinguished as Decade Projects by the German UNESCO Commission.

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